Mini Grant Proposal Form

    OHE PTA Mini-Grant Program:

    The OHE PTA Mini-Grant Program aims to provide funds to staff for special projects, events, equipment, etc. that are in line with the OHE PTA Mission. These funds are provided in addition to the staff allocation funds for supplies.

    OHE PTA Mission:

    The Mission of the Olympic Hills PTA is to work together to support, inform, and connect the diverse community of Olympic Hills Elementary by investing in our children’s education, safety, and well-being through engaging and inclusive community activities and enrichment programs.

    Instructions & Information:

    1. Please fill out the form below and submit. It is preferred staff members reach out to the school to see if funding is available prior to submitting this request form to the PTA.
    2. The application process is open year-round and applications will be reviewed monthly at the PTA Board Meetings that occur on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Staff members will be notified if their request is approved within a week after the board meeting. If you are in need of expedited approval, please email the PTA Executive Committee directly at
    3. If you are requesting funds of $50 or less, only complete Part 1

    Proposal Form, Part 1

    Submitted by: Email: Phone: Have funds been requested from the school? If yes, were funds granted? Have you used your staff funds provided by the PTA? Category (please check all that apply, for informational purposes only): If Other, please provide a description: Proposal Description: Amount Requested (Include tax, shipping):

    Proposal Form, Part 2 (Only complete if request is over $50)

    Number of Students or Percentage of Student Group Impacted (if multiple years, list estimated # of years): How will it benefit Olympic hills students and/or staff? How and when will it be implemented? Please provide an itemized list of items to be purchased with the price per item or scroll down to attach up to 5 files: Attach a file:

    Thank you for your input and time in making Olympic Hills a great place to learn for all students. After you hit submit, you will receive a confirmation email.

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