PTA Executive Board Nominations

Help shape the future of the Olympic Hills PTA!

Are you interested in:
● planning school events
● supporting our faculty and staff
● connecting with other OHE families
● deciding how to fund exciting projects and activities?

Nominate yourself or someone you think would be great to serve on the PTA
Executive Board!

Olympic Hills PTA Board Nomination Form

The PTA Nominating Committee is accepting nominations for the elected
offices of

  1. President,
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer

If you have someone in mind for any or all of these roles please send us your

In your submission, please include the name of the individual, the position for
which you are nominating them, and a brief
explanation of why they are qualified for the position (one sentence is fine).
You are welcome to nominate yourself!

The Nominating Committee will review all nominations and put forth a final
group of candidates for election on April 4th.

Our deadline for nominations is March 9th so that we can verify they are a
PTA member and contact them to see if they are interested in that position.

We will vote on April 4th at the PTA meeting.

Please send any questions or suggestions that you may have directly to the
nominating committee at

2024 Nominating Committee
Corrin Bauer
Tori Gottlieb
Amy Dacuag


PRESIDENT: (average time commitment 12-15 hours per month)

The president of the Olympic Hills PTA is the presiding officer and the official
representative of the association. Duties include working with the PTA
Executive Committee and the OH Principal to determine strategic and tactical
plans for the PTA;
managing the affairs of the PTA on a daily basis; representing OH at the
Region, City, and State events; and leading meetings. Resources, training,
and support is provided by the Seattle Council PTSA, Region 6, and
Washington State PTA.

PTA President is a fantastic way to be involved in this great organization at
the highest level.

VICE PRESIDENT: (average time commitment 6- 10 hours per month)

The main duty of the PTA Vice President is to fill in for the President when he
or she is unable to attend or facilitate a meeting. The VP also serves as the
President’s right-hand person, offering assistance and support as needed.
Some VPs also take on a special project or focus area–this position has a lot
of flexibility and room to explore and learn about all aspects of the PTA.

SECRETARY: (average time commitment 5 hours per month)

The secretary takes minutes at board and membership meetings and
distributes them to the membership. In addition, the secretary also works with
the president to draft meeting agendas and maintains and preserves PTA
records and important legal documents.

TREASURER: (average time commitment 10-15 hours per month)

The Treasurer manages the PTA finances while being mindful of the
budget approved by the membership and fulfilling the obligations of a non-
profit organization. This includes collecting and depositing funds, issuing
checks, submitting legal filings, then producing a report each month of this
financial activity.

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